How Agile are you?



Welcome to the Pre-Release of kyona LEAN AQUA Assessment! And thank you for trialling it for no charge!

Almost all FinTech companies use Agile in one shape or another – but to what degree? 

  • Are you using Agile as a part of your software development process?
  • Have you started using Agile in your non-development teams?
  • Are you Agile in Name only?
  • Are your teams collaborative in the sense of working together?
  • Is your information fully transparent to allow everyone to make good decisions and take responsibility?

Agility means adaptability of an organisation. As our work environment becomes more complex, it becomes more difficult to change to demands.  Agile allows you to work and quickly respond to any new demands and even drive the change you want to see!

To understand what your Agile Journey might entail, it’s best to understand where you are starting.

We developed AQUA to help our clients understand where they are today. The full AQUA assessment can take ½ – 2 days depending on your organisation size and complexity.

However, we are a trialling a LEAN AQUA Assessment which will only take a few minutes. 

Enter your details below and you’ll be able to download the LEAN AQUA assessment to see how Agile you are.


Who is kyona?

We believe a truly collaborative culture encourages your people to be part of a living network (remotely or in person), it drives innovation and unparalleled productivity.  

We help our clients with their map out their Agile Journey and start achieving results within 3 months.

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