Collaboration Services

Company with agile architecture

Use all the advantages of agile collaboration on a large scale.
Make your entire organization fit for the future with practical agile methods, sophisticated tools, proven templates and learning formats tailored to your requirements.

With our proven MOPTI-5 method as well as experienced agile coaches and experts for agile working methods, we support you in the systematic development of company-wide skills and culture. You will develop the necessary flexibility in the team and in the management of your own and unique Agile Enterprise.

Capagility® – ability to be agile

Agility stands for future fitness in various specific fields of application.

  • Innovation management with more ideas and greater dynamics for the benefit of your customers
  • Product development with SAFe®, more transparency and up to 50% faster time-to-market
  • SAP / S4 HANA migration faster, more secure and more dynamic thanks to Agile Team Collaboration
  • Corporate digital transformation to a more productive company and more attractive employer through agile work

The spectrum ranges from the agilization of classic procedures to the end-to-end agile transformation of the entire company structure.


Innovation management and product development

Since agile working methods originally come from software development with Scrum and Kanban boards, innovation management and product development can still be seen as its home turf.

  • Higher innovation dynamics through design thinking, more ideas & their combinations
  • Up to 50% faster time-to-market
  • Strong commitment through transparency, freedom and participation
  • Better development of individual skills
  • Improved customer orientation through agile team culture
  • Continuous quality improvement through an open error culture and willingness to learn

SAP S/4 HANA migration

SAP R / 3 support will be discontinued by 2025, there is no alternative to migration.

  • Unlock the full potential of SAP S / 4 HANA
  • Set up as a business transformation instead of just technical migration
  • Use the new culture of collaboration as an opportunity for real digitisation
  • Restoring the ability to control in a complex environment

Corporate digital transformation

The transformation to an agile overall organisation activates unused productivity potential that cannot be realised in classic approaches to increasing efficiency.

  • Better prioritisation and decisions through greater transparency
  • Much faster response times through improved coordination and collaboration
  • Better development of individual skills and job satisfaction
  • Greater attractiveness for employees, partners and customers
  • Much fewer emails (e.g. reduced by 50%)

kyona products and services for the systematic development of Capagility® – the required flexibility

  • You may already see agility as an integral part of the vision and strategy of your organisation or we will support you in working out how you can do this
  • Organise your product portfolio management and your business models, for example with the Business Model Canvas Generation (according to A. Osterwalder)
  • MOPTI-5® was developed as a semantic model so that you can configure your company architecture in a more agile way and continuously optimise it
  • With Design Thinking you increase your ability to innovate and enable your company to harvest the pool of ideas
  • With Scrum, SAFe®, LeSS or Squadification you optimise your productivity and time-to-market of your product development
  • kyona’s agile jumpstart Jira-suite with add-ons (Alignment Meeting Board, MiniWiki, SharePlus, MyToDo Board, Visual Issue Card and MOPTI) supports every corporate or team transformation towards agility
  • With 6Sigma, IoT, Industrie4.0 and Lean Management you can increase quality, performance and networking of production and operations
  • Identify with agile quick assessment the maturity of your agile structures and culture