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Enterprise architecture must also become more agile

Process modeling provides excellent support for the representation of sequential relations, which are essential for integrating and increasing the efficiency of linear routine processes. However, they are unsuitable for areas that offer little standardization potential for processes as well as little room for emergence: knowledge-based work.

kyona’s technological approach to modeling the enterprise configuration in the semantic network is MOPTI-5®.

Modeling business with MOPTI-5®

The abbreviation MOPTI stands for the relevant aspects of work performance: mindset, organisation, process, technology and information. MOPTI-5® was developed by kyona to enable continuous development in an agile context in a semantic model of organisational design and to avoid suboptimisation. The model is based on the proven maturity model CMMI®. An adaptation to other maturity models such as SPICE® or ASPICE® is basically possible.

Jira quick start collaboration platform

In its basic configuration, Jira Software® from Atlassian is a Scrum tool for organizing the work of small agile teams of 6 to 8 people.
To meet the high demands of scaling agile collaboration, kyona has developed and refined a template for the configuration of Jira Software over several years, which is brought into our work at no extra cost.
Alternatively, we are happy to support you in implementing this good practice into your existing Jira environment.

The kyona configuration template for Jira includes the following components:

  • Proven Jira system settings for notifications, priorities, file attachments and much more
  • Default settings for hybrid operation in project management (waterfall, agile, task force, operation, private task management according to ‘Getting Things Done’)
  • Integrated requirements management and change control as well as optional integration with Jira Service Desk
  • Structured project start pages
  • Proven standards for case types, workflows, filters and boards

With plugins for the Jira-based kyona CollabWARE®

The scaling of agility places different demands on collaboration. Teams learn to balance their new autonomy with regular coordination with other teams. The more confusing the collaboration, the easier it is to lose or forget important information. It is precisely these undesirable effects of scaling that kyona counteracts with specifically developed plugins for Jira.

Individual add-on solutions

Expand the possibilities of Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Desk or Confluence according to your specific needs.

Examples of individual add-ons are:

  • Two-factor authentication, possibly with access restrictions based on IP addresses or IP range
  • Migrations between third-party systems and Jira
  • Jira Dashboard Gadgets Development
  • Own landing pages for programs, projects or teams
  • Custom reports and views
  • Your company’s customised add-ons (custom plugins for Jira or Confluence)
  • Adaptation of outdated existing add-ons to the current Atlassian software version


We develop Atlassian add-ons according to your wishes if you need special functions that are not or only incompletely covered by the add-ons available in the Atlassian Marketplace.