Jira Software Plugins

Plugins that make your Jira fit for scaling

Atlassian’s Jira brings a critical principle to successful collaboration scaling. As a former ticket system in software development, work is always topic-focussed in tasks.

A strong and compelling principle that has what it takes to make emails within an organisation, obsolete.

That’s one piece of good news. The other good news for scaling collaboration is kyona’s plugins for Jira and – on a case-by-case basis – other third-party plugins.

Alignment Meeting Board for Jira

Organise your meetings directly in Jira. The agenda is compiled from cards (tasks). Minutes are automatically created at the end with the click of a button.

You enable cross-team alignments in Jira in a much more efficient way.

Chat SharePlus for Jira

Simple direct messenger (chat) that keeps focus on topics because it is integrated with Jira.

Central success factor of agile collaboration on a large scale is the focus that manages to keep all relevant information on a topic together in the collaboration.

MyToDo Board for Jira

Create and configure your personal notebook with columns, rows and groupings. You can search, select, sort, mark and group tasks. You can also create and check off your own private to-do lists as well as reminders.

Switch perspectives and see if a task in Jira is already on your MyToDo board. If not, you can take it directly to your MyToDo Board with one click and set a new to-do or reminder for yourself.

Just like on a sticky note, only digital and in the right place.

MiniWiki for Jira

Save all relevant project information as wiki pages with attachments directly in Jira, e.g. to prepare work documentation before publishing it.

Documents and files attached in Jira can be quickly retrieved using the integrated file search.

Organize your project documentation in a preferred way as in a file folder structure.

You can download a directory along with its substructure as an extractable zip directory.

Visual Issue Card for Jira

Visual issue cards are used to display additional issue information in RTF fields, such as title, status, issue type, due date, description, priority, assignee, shows due date on a card either in grey or in red for an unresolved overdue task, with defined card width or highlighting.

Get this visualised card information in your task description or comment area. Get an overview of your work. Expand your possibilities to create reports and views based on current task data.

Attached Quick Finder for Jira

Quickly and easily find all your attachments in Jira.

The search supports the databases supported by Jira MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL.

MOPTI5® Enterprise Modelling for Jira

MOPTI stands for relevant aspects of work performance: mindset, organisation, process, technology and information.

MOPTI5® was developed by kyona to enable continuous development of an organisation in an agile context in a semantic model of organisational design.

The model is based on the proven maturity model CMMI® and uses proven modelling techniques such as BPMN2.0.

Do you need customised add-on solutions?

Extend the capabilities of Jira Core, Jira Software or Confluence according to your specific needs.

Examples of custom add-ons are:

    • Set up two-factor authentication, also with access restrictions based on IP addresses or IP range
    • Migrations between third-party systems and Jira
    • Development of Jira dashboard gadgets
    • Custom landing pages for programmes, projects or teams
    • Custom reports
    • Custom add-ons (plugins for Jira or Confluence)
    • Adjusting the compatibility of old add-ons to the current Atlassian software version

We develop Atlassian add-ons according to your specific requirements. You need special functions that are not or only partially covered by the add-ons available in the Atlassian Marketplace. We develop your own custom add-ons.

Jumpstart Collaboration Platform Configuration for Atlassian Jira®

Atlassian Jira software in its basic configuration is a Scrum tool for organising small agile teams of 6 to 8 people. As a collaboration platform, it does not meet the requirements of scaling agile collaboration on its own.

Therefore, over the years, kyona has developed and refined a template for the configuration of Jira software, which you can obtain from us free of charge. Alternatively, we are happy to support you in importing it into your existing Jira environment.

The kyona configuration template consists of the following components:

  • Proven Jira system settings for notifications, file attachments and more
  • Preferences for hybrid operation in project management (waterfall, agile, taskforce, operations, private task management)
  • Integrated requirements management and change control
  • Structured project landing page
  • Standardised issue types, workflows and boards