Alignment Meeting Board for Jira

Alignment Meeting Board for Jira

Would you like to facilitate coordination between teams in Jira and work together more efficiently?

Then you should conduct meetings directly in Jira® including preparation and follow up.


  • Close a collaboration gap with issue-focussed voting in meetings
  • Structure your meetings with an agenda of Jira tasks, roles in the meeting, meeting times – and adjust this as needed at any time
  • Track efficiency, attendance and performance of meetings
  • Automatically create the meeting minutes with just one click

Create your meeting board

Create your meeting, search Jira tasks by project, status or other criteria.
Sort and group the tasks on the agenda, schedule breaks and times per task.
Create the minutes of the meeting at the touch of a button.

Get a list of scheduled meetings

List your meetings, filtered and sorted by title, status, date or organiser.

A preview window shows you the topics, duration and participants for each meeting. You get an overview of the meetings you are expected to attend or that have already been held.

Get the meeting history of a task

Change the perspective and see how persistent a topic is, in which meetings it has already been discussed.

Capture meeting notes directly in the respective process on the topic – don’t worry, all comments are collected in an automatically created meeting log.

Find the right meeting for a topic, where the right people meet, e.g. for decisions.

If you like the idea of the Jira meeting plugin

Let’s take the next step together. Perhaps you have specific questions that we can best clarify in an individual demonstration.

Are you tired of collecting and distributing meeting notes?

How many meetings do you have per week? Our team has a lot of them and it is absolutely essential for us to keep the meeting marathon under control every week. Does that sound familiar?

For many of us, it’s important to work through an agenda, share information and, at the end of a meeting, determine next steps. Of course, it is work to prepare and organise a meeting, record the results – and make sure nothing has been forgotten.

Especially if you have, say, 10 meetings to prepare and follow up at once. For a daily stand-up meeting for a team of about 6 people, we quickly find the appropriate board in Jira: the KANBAN board! With a practised team, you will probably get through the stand-up quickly. There is no need for meeting minutes after the stand-up because a short note can be placed in Jira directly in the preview window of the process as a comment from the Kanban Board that you have just discussed, and because you can still get through to the next stand-up without

difficulties to remember the discussions of the last stand-up.

A Kanban board is not suitable for other meetings, such as alignments and synchronisation between teams, for workshops or other ad-hoc meetings.

For lack of options, simple text agenda lists are sent within calendar invitations.

Unfortunately, this is a step in the wrong direction: we should keep information and knowledge on the topics together instead and manage the progress on the topic itself in one place, i.e. directly in the task in Jira that we are working on.

The Alignment Meeting Board also helps you keep the whole story of your meetings together and organise your meetings as an essential element of your collaboration in Jira. So “meeting management” has less to do with managing appointments (you have MSOutlook® for that, for example) but more to do with increasing efficiency when it comes to organising alignments.

Therefore, it is a wonderful complement to KANBAN and SCRUM boards when it comes to organising cross-team alignments, especially in scaling agile environments (e.g. Spotify® Engineering Culture, SAFe®, Holacracy®, …).

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